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Sichuan Sincere & Long-term Complex Material Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Weibo Group, is a joint-stock company with independent legal personality, which specializes in E-glass fiber chopped strand mat and fabric development, design, production, application.

Sichuan Sincere & Long-Term Complex Material Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of E-glass fiber chopped strand mat with a capacity of 30000 tons per year (Emulsions, Powders chopped strand mat 100-900g/㎡, width 50-3200mm)。

Our company has passed ISO 9001 quality system, China Classification Society and Lloyd‘s certification. Our products enjoy a good reputation all over the world. More than 90 percent of products are exported to Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other places.

Asia Composite Materials (Thailand) Co., Ltd, founded in year 2012, is a professional manufacturer for fiberglass roving and Chopped Strand Mat in Thailand.

Currently, we have three production lines for Chopped stand mat and the capacity is over 20000 tons per year. The specifications of CSM are from 100g/m2 to 900g/m2, both powder and emulsion binder type, the width is from 100mm to 3600mm. We have the most advantage technology and skilled technician to ensure the product quality.

We export tens of thousands of tons to all over the world each year, and ACM brand has been known well by the world, we will continue to provide more excellent quality products and services to our customer in future.

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