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What are the factors that affect the strength of glass fiber chopped strand mat

Fiber glass chopped strand mat is a kind of reinforced composite material with good performance, which has the characteristics of insulation, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. At present, its application has covered all fields of people's life, ranging from aircraft ship manufacturing to automobile, air conditioning, storage tank, etc. Due to the different application fields, the strength requirements of fiber glass chopped strand mat are different, such as the mechanical roof and machine board, the strength of the fiber glass chopped strand mat is slightly higher. What factors can affect the strength of fiber glass chopped strand mat?
What are the factors that affect the strength of glass fiber chopped strand mat
1、 Adhesive, high quality production enterprises will make the production requirements of chopped stand mat according to the customer's use process. The strength of mat in the production process generally depends on the binder content, more binder content, and greater tensile strength of products.

2、 Some people may not understand that any product will have a shelf life, and chopped strand mat is no exception. The fiber glass chopped strand mat is made of adhesive. After a long time, the adhesive will aging, and the moisture in the air will also erode the mat, which will affect the strength of the mat.

3、 The most direct factor that affects the strength of mat is the cutting strength in production. The larger the cutting strength, the greater the influence on the strength of mat, the easier the mat to crack.


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