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Application of fiberglass chopped strand mat on ship yacht

In Europe and the United States, Australia, and Japan, fiberglass chopped strand mats have been used extensively in the manufacture of marine yachts. Most of them use a felt and cloth on the paving structure. This production structure has spread to China's coastal areas as early as a few years ago. At present, most of China's ship yacht production also adopts such a method.

    Why can fiberglass chopped strand mats be used in large quantities on ship yachts? Professionals make the following summary based on the advantages of chopped strand mat:

    1, compact, chopped strand mat has a large void ratio, resin content and other advantages, so the sincere FRP has a small porosity and good impermeability.

    2, the interlayer bonding performance, the use of a felt-cloth layer structure can improve the bonding performance between the layers, which has a certain role in the hull construction using multiple molding methods.

    3, the surface quality of the product, FRP products can improve the surface of the product when the surface felt and chopped strand mat are used near the surface layer. At present, when the surface of the FRP boat is required to have a high finish, in addition to the chopped strand mat, a surface felt is used. Therefore, a higher surface finish can be obtained.

    4, the operation efficiency, the use of chopped strand mat to make FRP will increase the thickness of FRP made of fiberglass cloth with similar specifications by about 60%-70%, this thickening effect can reduce the number of working layers when using glass fiber cloth completely. , thereby improving operational efficiency.

    It is precisely because of the above advantages that the use of glass chopped strand mats has become more and more widely used in the application of FRP boats, and it will be more and more valued, and it will be used in a wider range in the future.


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