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The second quarter of 2021 glass fiber price trend Express

The first quarter of 2021 has passed, and it has entered the second quarter unconsciously. The time has passed very quickly.

In the first three months, the glass fiber market continued the situation last year, and it was rising steadily. Even individual varieties of yarn, reproduced last September's market, whether there is price or not. Money also needs to queue up to pick up goods, non core customers can not get the goods at all.

This wave of rise after the Spring Festival, let the glass reinforced plastics people understand what is called difficult. Resin and glass fiber two main materials prices take off, fortunately resin touch the top of the fall, although the rise and fall less, but at least there is a fall. Looking back at the price of glass fiber, it seems that there is only a rise, endless rise.

As soon as April is agreed, how will the market of glass fiber develop in the second quarter?

With the price of glass fiber bottoming, the results of the second half of last year and the first quarter of this year are very bright. Judging by the current situation, the profit in 2021 will be higher.

The leading stone of the industry is very optimistic about the glass fiber market in the next two years. In March, the research paper mentioned the direction of their future focus development.

Glass fiber has gone out of bear market completely, ushered in a big bull market, which is the basic aspect of the market. As for when the price will be stable, the key is to see when supply and demand are balanced.

After entering April, the first thing to achieve balance should be ordinary direct yarn. Traders of several major factories reported that the direct yarn that could not be delivered in the last two months has already been available. But in the short term, the price of direct yarn should still be kept at 6 words. Unless the volume is further enlarged, dealers may callback the price for profit.

After the direct yarn is released, the pressure will be relieved for enterprises that do extrusion and winding products downstream.

The yarn side continues to remain tight and there is no sign of improvement unless there is a very large change in the downstream market, but the possibility is almost zero. Due to the demand of thermoplastic is very large, especially short cut wire, many core customers have signed in for orders by the end of the year.

In order to ensure the supply of these relatively high-end products, it is bound to compress the yarn of felt, jet yarn and other yarn. This is the same, which also caused the market is extremely lack of yarn.

At present, the price of the yarn is generally 7 words, and some of them have been rushed to 8 characters. Under the continuous shortage, the pressure mountain of enterprises such as short cut felt, machine board, daylighting tile and sanitary ware is large.

In the aspect of wind power, the demand has slowed down in recent years, so some kilns can be used as ordinary direct yarn, which is conducive to direct yarn discharge. A large factory released a capacity of tens of thousands of tons last month.

But in the future, wind power will have a high stage. Once the demand for wind power returns to a strong level, it will face the possibility of shortage for ordinary yarn.

In terms of electronic yarn, many enterprises can only guarantee the supply of their core customers, even can not. Therefore, for new customers' orders, there is no time to take into account.

As long as the market gap is in, prices will go up until demand is kicked out.

In addition to glass fiber yarn, the price of glass fiber short cut felt, square fabric and other fabrics also soared in downstream products. On conventional products, the factory price of the first quarter has been reached.

In general, the supply of glass fiber is still tight. Although ordinary direct yarn may be the first to be released, it can only play a role in stabilizing prices. As for the fall, it is not a current consideration.


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