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Is fiberglass chopped strand mat soft and hard?

All of us are using fiberglass chopped strand mat. The more convenient the workers use, the more resin saving and reasonable soaking time, it is a good felt. Here, the convenient use of the workers is aimed at different FRP products. The chopped glass fiber felt should have different characteristics, and the soft and hard parts are the most common.
Is fiberglass chopped strand mat soft and hard?
Therefore, it is true that there is a difference in the hardness and softness of glass fiber chopped mat, which is due to the different surface treatment agent of glass fiber. Many glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) Masters generally like to make the felt soft and short, so it is easier to paste the mold and corner position. This is a contradiction point. If it is softer, it will mean that the chopped felt is slightly fluffy or has no fiber residue. The representative product is powder type fiberglass chopped strand mat.

The emulsion felt is relatively hard, but it is quite flat. Generally, FRP workers like emulsion felt because it is easy to cut, and the glass fiber will not fly everywhere.

Especially at low temperature, the glass fiber will be harder than usual. It is generally recommended that you choose this way: in the case of complex mold and product structure, you can choose powder mat to soak better and facilitate thick layer laying. Some large, smooth structure products, you use emulsion mat will be faster and more comfortable.


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